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BLACK TRUFFLE RICE 400GRThe rice has been cultivated in the ecological environment of the Albufera Natural Park of Valencia for generations. Its texture, once cooked, is tender and juicy. The consistency in the shape maintained by its grains offers a pleasant sensation to both your eyes and palate. Rice of a very high quality with Denomination of...

8,00 €

FOIE GRAS TRUFFLED BLOC 130GR A supreme union for success with canapés; it has a very smooth flavour and creamy texture.  This block is made with the best free-range corn-fed ducks as well as the best variety of black truffles.  

23,00 €

CHOCOLATES WITH BLACK TRUFFLE 12unitsAssortment of twelve chocolates, 4 dark chocolate, 4 milk chocolate, and 4 white chocolate, combinated with the taste of the best cocoa beans with the most exclusive variety of black truffles. 

10,00 €

TRUFFLE CRAVING 50GRCaramelized onion pâté or cream with rebollón or níscalo (wild milk cap mushrooms) and Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum). This perfect combination: the truffle and the milk cap mushrooms taste of the earth on all fronts. This cream enriches our range of appetizers: it can be used to prepare savoury toast, or mixed with pasta,...

11,50 €

TRUFFLE DELIGHT 50GRThis soft cream allows us to appreciate truffles with another touch of flavour. A pure product of the highest quality: only truffle and onion. Ideal for canapés and accompaniments, which can be mixed into pasta or cream to give them a touch of splendour...   

11,50 €

GIFT  BOX, OLIVE OIL WITH TRUFFLE 100ML AND BALSAMIC VINEGAR WITH TRUFFLEA perfect gift for the truffle lovers, with a lovely packaging. 

22,00 €

TRUFFLE JUICE 45MLThe essence of Truffle: sauce from its first cooking, without any other ingredients in order to offer a product of the highest quality. Only one recommendation: add to your dishes (creams, broths, fondus...) at the last minute so that the essence does not evaporate.  

9,50 €

SLICED SUMMER TRUFFLE IN OLIVE OIL 50GR Tuber Aestivum slides with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the region on Aragon in Spain.Summer truffle slices ready to enjoy, preserved in extra virgin olive oil-we blend our truffle with the best products. Ideal for salads, to spread on slices of bread, or simply to finish  by decorating dishes with this...

9,00 €

BALSAMIC VINEGAR REDUCTION FLAVORED WITH BLACK TRUFFLE 100ML Combination of two valuable ingredients in this glaze: Modena Vinegar and Black Truffle. Use on cheese, foie gras, salads, meat carpaccio, risotto and roasted and steamed vegetables...  A touch of extraordinary and surprising flavour.  

10,00 €
Showing 28 - 36 of 42 items