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The product contains one Tuber melanosporum, M-size black winter truffle. It is also known as the Teruel black truffle. This black truffle specimen is about the size of a walnut, round in shape though it can vary. The truffle is a medium size and weighs between 40 and 20 grams.

An M-size, Tuber melanosporum: characteristics of the truffle

Like all Tuber melanosporum truffles, the outside of the truffle looks rough and is black in color. Inside, you can see its characteristic white veins. The smell of the Tuber melanosporum truffle is very characteristic: it is intense and balanced. And its flavor is very characteristic, so it is impossible to mistake. These are the characteristics that make it a highly desired truffle for many professional chefs around the world. They are harvested during the months spanning from November to March, so it is not available all year round. The M-size Tuber melanosporum gets delivered to your home inside cardboard packaging that contains cold packs to ensure it is kept at the right temperature during transport. As soon as you get it, be sure not to break the cold chain and put it in the fridge straight away after opening it. It should always be refrigerated. The best thing to do with truffles is to consume them fresh, though it can be frozen to keep it longer.



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One Tuber melanosporum fresh truffle (only available from November to March). Also known as the winter truffle. Roundish shape depending on the structure of the soil it gets grown in. Its color varies from brown to black, depending on the ripeness. This is the most highly valued and appreciated kind for cooking purposes, with a penetrating, delicate aroma; once tried, it is hard to forget.

They have been hand-selected and cleaned, kitchen-ready. We strive to make sure the truffle is perfect, but because it is a natural product that is hunted with the help of dogs, it can occasionally get scratched, and a slight imperfection might be seen. Do not worry, the quality of the product is the same!

The truffle is sent vacuum-sealed with special moisture absorbing paper and packaged to keep the cold chain unbroken thanks to an ice pack and protective cardboard packaging.

Store refrigerated between 1º and 5º degrees Celsius and consume preferably within 8 days. Preferably consumed fresh, requires no cooking.

Important note: According to availability, this product may be subject to modification. If we do not have any truffles of this type at the time of order, we will send you the same quantity in grams, but more than one specimen. You can leave any further details in the comments.


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