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For chocolate-lovers hoping to discover something new and different, these chocolates with black truffle Tuber melanosporum will be a unique and flavorful experience.

Inside the box

The box contains 12 chocolates, including four each of dark, milk and white chocolate. All are combined with black truffles of the Tuber melanosporum variety. The little pieces of fresh, healthy, organic and premium truffles are melted into the chocolate, infusing it with subtle aroma. All the truffles are harvested at peak ripeness and hunted in the traditional way. They are then calibrated and sorted by hand before being handed off to our master chocolatier.

Chocolates specially made for the flavor of truffles

As for the chocolate, there are three types:

·         Pure chocolate. Our beans are sourced from Ecuador, with an intense chocolate flavor and contain at least 56% cocoa. The percentage can't be much higher because otherwise the truffle flavor would get lost. 

·         Milk chocolate. These contain 35% cocoa from Ecuador and, along with milk and sugar, which result in a product with a very smooth taste.

·         White chocolate. This is made using smooth, lightly sweetened chocolate to which a few splashes of milk are also added.

The flavor combination of premium cocoa and truffle makes for an excellent and pleasantly surprising product. Chocolates with black truffle are a different yet classic truffle product, one that brings together two excellent raw materials that couldn't taste any better. See for yourself with these fresh black truffle chocolates. Our recommendation: don't expect an overpowering taste of truffle. Every natural product that gets blended with another can potentially bring out the best of both. The truffle flavor is subtle thanks to its 100% natural state, with no chemically added flavorings that might make it taste artificial. You'll be sure to appreciate it!


More details

For chocolate lovers looking to enjoy a unique experience with the world's finest black truffle melanosporum.


Assortment of 12 special dark, milk and white chocolates with Tuber melanosporum black truffle.

Pure chocolate: We use chocolate made from beans from Ecuador, with a well-rounded and intense taste of chocolate. The percentage of cocoa is at least 56% to make sure the excellent flavor of Manjares de la Tierra truffle can be noticed.

Milk chocolate: The 35% cocoa sourced from Ecuador, the milk and the sugar make it very smooth to the palate. 

White chocolate: Creamy, lightly sweetened chocolate with subtle notes of milk 



Net weight 72 gr. (12 units x 6 gr.)

Cardboard packaging.

12 pieces per box

Expiration: one year.

Store in a cool and dry place, once opened keep refrigerated.



Energy value: 567 Kcal/2365 Kj.

Protein: 6.5 g.

Carbohydrates: 53 g.

Fat: 0.36 gr.


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